Thursday, April 9, 2015


Williamsburg, 2015

Axel is really into introductions at the moment: if I walk into the room and Will and Axel are there, he will gesture to me and say "This is my friend Mama." Or, if I approach when he's playing with his brother he might say, "This is my friend Ozzy." Then again, he is a little confused about how everyone relates. Oscar has learned to call for me by saying 'Mamamamama' in the mornings before either Will or I come into the room. Axel likes to clarify, "No Ozzy, she's not your Mama, she's my Mama!"

In other news, trapped in a cycle of awful stomach viruses and work deadlines and dreary rain. But I did get a second to read this post by Anne Lamott, which is very good and pretty spot on.

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