Tuesday, March 28, 2017

A Wrap

New York, 2017

Well, 1099 posts later, and we are starting to pack our bags and say farewell to Williamsburg and New York.

It's been a strange year of limbo. Since my first scouting trip to L.A. back in September we've had so many puzzles to solve. I sort of can't believe we've nearly pulled it all off.

We feel really good about all of the changes afoot but my brain is more a little weary from all of the decision making. I would like to just be somewhere without feeling it's temporary.

Knowing that you are leaving a place feels a little like homesickness, even while you're still there. I can't help but think about how well we know this neighborhood. We remember when this or that store was something else entirely, three iterations ago, and when our twenty five year old selves led very different lives here. The city comes to feel like a part of your identity, and it's strange to think that we will soon be saying 'When we lived in New York...' in the past tense.

But it's a happy occasion too. It feels good to be intentional about what we want for our children and ourselves at this stage of life. Being in Maine in the summers or on the beach just about anywhere has taught me a lot about how we all thrive in nature and how wonderful it feels to hear the wind in the trees rather than the wail of sirens as you fall asleep at night. Yes, Los Angeles is a big city. But it's one with vast wild spaces we are keen to explore. Our city kids are in for a great adventure.

I had a feeling I would be wrapping up this blog when we moved, and now it's time to do just that. If you happened upon this site just now, feel free to check out the archives and see a little bit more about parenting in Brooklyn. I wouldn't have chosen any other place to be. If you've been reading all along, thank you for taking an interest in our journey.

I will of course be recording life out West as we settle into our house and life by the beach. You can follow our little tribe's progress on Instagram, if you like.

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  1. Best of luck! As a fellow Brooklyn mom I've loved following your blog. Your writing and analysis of parenting is thoughtful and delightful. Wishing you all the best on your new adventures.


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