Thursday, June 25, 2015

Streb's Moment

Streb via the New Yorker

Axel just had his last class at Streb for the season.

There's a big profile of the choreographer and dance company behind the school in this week's New Yorker, and his teachers Daniel and Jamarius are quoted (plus there's a great embedded video of scenes from a rehearsal.) Almost as cool as Axel's action video from class late last year!

I've said it before but these classes have been among the most amazing, inspiring, creative things I've experienced in New York, which is rare to say for something that's also toddler-appropriate.

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Vienna & Budapest: Part Two

Vienna and Budapest, 2015

Still catching up on sleep and adjusting to real life again but I wanted to add some more pictures from our trip.

In Vienna, we stayed at the 25 Hours Hotel and at the Palais Hansen Kempinski. Both were perfect, both completely different. The 25 Hours has a circus theme, a swing in the lobby, poured concrete floors, and a very hip rooftop bar (there was also a playground in the square just in front of the hotel.) The Kempinski was elegant and polished, filled with fellows in suits. And yet they couldn't have been more kind to the kids, who loved the swimming pool, the special stuffed monkey that greeted them, plus the milk that arrived in a chilled silver carafe.

We drove from Vienna to Budapest, stopping in Gyor, where we arrived too late for lunch and so had ice cream instead. The kids then had the time of their tiny lives playing in the fountain in the stunning main square (in front of a church built in 1634); we had to buy them new clothes at a children's shop in the city for the rest of the journey. The chaos of that afternoon is one of my favorite memories of the trip.

In Budapest, we stayed at the very cool Brody House, a boutique property filled with contemporary art. The kids loved the sound of their voices echoing up and down the very grand central staircase, the pancakes for breakfast, and getting to meet so many of our fellow wedding guests.

Although Axel seemed a bit homesick the first few days of our trip ("We have to get back on the airplane!"), he figured it out pretty quickly. It was quite a physical trip (no gazing out at the sights over a serene coffee), but great fun. I have erased the somewhat painful 9 hour flight home from my memory, thank you very much.

Friday, June 19, 2015

Last Day

Williamsburg, 2015

It was a whirlwind last day of nursery school for Axel, which included a special block party with rides, hot dogs, the works...

I can't believe how much he's grown up since the first day of school in September.

Budapest: Part One

Budapest, 2015

Budapest is one of my favorite cities in the world. This was my fourth trip, and each time I've discovered so many new things and fallen in love with the architecture and ambiance all over again.

We were visiting for a friend's wedding (a Hungarian, English, and Persian ceremony in a winery in the hills outside of the city) so we met up with friends at night and spent the days walking miles and miles, with no particular goals in mind.

More to come, from both cities, but I just wanted to give a little taste of where we've been while we recover under our ginormous piles of laundry.

Vienna: Part One

Vienna, 2015

We are home from our travels (barely), and not quite lucid yet but I wanted to post some pictures from our trip. The boys did so well with all the palaces, cafes, and museums, and in general it was much less stressful than I imagined it might be.

Vienna was beautiful, and such a change from New York. It's been a few years since our last trip to Europe and I was definitely wandering around with wide eyes. I also felt quite proud that we were able to pull off a relatively ambitious trip with the two boys in tow, while feeling like we got to do just about everything we wanted to do.

We had a few...moments, but am so glad we took them and made a family adventure out of it.

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