Thursday, June 4, 2015

Up, Up & Away

Williamsburg, 2015

You know when you are going a million miles a minute and then you crash? Well, I've been felled by a summer cold and I think it's probably because things have been fairly full on and now I sense a little respite and so my body decided to pull the rug out from under me. Sigh.

In addition to lots of life admin and work, we've managed to pack a ton of Brooklyn summer fun into the last four or five weeks, and with good reason. But in about a week, we head off on a big adventure to Vienna and Budapest; we then come home for a quick spell (and Axel's last day of school, sniff!) before we head to Maine for five weeks. I am excited for a big trip but also to hear the wind in the trees and the sound of crashing waves as I fall asleep.

It's been way too long and as much as I love urban life it's also nice to have a chance to miss it.

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