Thursday, July 30, 2015


Maine, 2015

Give me an excellent club sandwich and I am a happy woman. Axel appears to feel the same way about ice cream, wheelbarrows, and boats.

Tuesday, July 28, 2015


Maine, 2015

The tempo in Maine can be a little intense with so many children underfoot, but Oscar in particular seems to love being in the thick of things, truly believing he is central to the game, whatever it is.

Once in a while I have a pang of missing city life, but then I see all the new words Axel is learning (paddleboard, lever, dinghy, hermit crab) or watch Oscar get more and more sure-footed, running, throwing balls, and climbing anything and everything and it's pretty clear that they're in heaven. Even their little scrapes and splinters and bruises feel like a testament to a good summer.

I am also trying to relax into the chaos that is my life most of the time now; obviously with a third on the way the dust isn't going to clear anytime soon. Have to figure out how to find my zen in the middle of it all, somehow.

Sunday, July 26, 2015


Maine, 2015

A fresh batch of cousins have arrived and both boys have been thrilled with all of the older kids.

We are generally happy but pretty tired since Axel has decided he'd much rather come into our bed (and kick us as he flails about) than sleep through the night in his own, plus Oscar wakes up at 6:15 regardless.

I guess we'll catch up on sleep in five years or so?

Saturday, July 25, 2015


Maine, 2015

Will's sister bought an old house in Maine last summer that was sold with all of its furnishings; this suitcase full of baby clothes, beautifully preserved, was up in the attic and looked as though it hadn't been opened in 60 years.

Friday, July 17, 2015

Squirrel Island Etc.

Maine, 2015

We took a boat ride to Squirrel Island yesterday and had a great time (until Ozzy cut his lip; an injury which seemed to be cured by ice cream.) Oscar in particular seems so thrilled to have so many new things to explore while Axel is loving trailing around after his older cousins (the next batch early arrive next week.)

Saturday, July 11, 2015

High Seas

Monhegan Island, 2015

Camera fiascos, ferry rides, ambitious hikes, a few scrapes and bruises and two sandy wet toddlers and we are back from our little trip to Monhegan.

The island is as gorgeous as ever, with some staggering scenery and tiny cottages with rocky gardens and meandering paths with wonderful hiking. And it always feels like a special happening simply to get there, even though it's just an hour's ferry ride from the mainland.

We had moments of great fun punctuated by a fair bit of whining and crying (I think they've just been in so many new places lately, they are a little out of sorts every time we make a shift, Axel especially.) Still, it's always fun to make little side trips, like our overnight on Chebeague Island last year, part of the summer tradition.

For now I am just glad to shake the brine out of our bags and sleep soundly without getting wildly kicked all night by an over-excited-nearly-three-year-old.
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