Saturday, July 11, 2015

High Seas

Monhegan Island, 2015

Camera fiascos, ferry rides, ambitious hikes, a few scrapes and bruises and two sandy wet toddlers and we are back from our little trip to Monhegan.

The island is as gorgeous as ever, with some staggering scenery and tiny cottages with rocky gardens and meandering paths with wonderful hiking. And it always feels like a special happening simply to get there, even though it's just an hour's ferry ride from the mainland.

We had moments of great fun punctuated by a fair bit of whining and crying (I think they've just been in so many new places lately, they are a little out of sorts every time we make a shift, Axel especially.) Still, it's always fun to make little side trips, like our overnight on Chebeague Island last year, part of the summer tradition.

For now I am just glad to shake the brine out of our bags and sleep soundly without getting wildly kicked all night by an over-excited-nearly-three-year-old.

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