Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Away We Go

Vienna, 2015

Today we are packing up the car and heading north to Maine for much of the summer. I am looking forward to seeing Oscar get to know the great outdoors, as last summer he was so little he didn't grasp much of it. Axel's getting excited too and has been jabbering away about boats and lobsters, even if I'm not sure how much he truly remembers...

So why am I posting a pic of "American Ginger Ale"? Well I will have to skip the dark and stormies this summer...I am happy to share the news that I am about four months pregnant with baby number three, a boy, due in December.

We are thrilled even as we know we are in for a wild ride over the next few years, with three under four. Is that a thing? Every time Will shares the news that we are going from a family of four to a family of five people talk to him about "zone defense" and neither he nor I have anything but the vaguest idea of what that means.

We are used to plenty of chaos at this point but I am trying to appreciate the relative peace we will have this summer with "just" two under three.

I don't expect to be doing weekly updates this go round but aside from a verrrrry tiring first trimester I am feeling okay and pretty positive about all of the adventures to come.

The one funny thing about having your third is that people are pretty slim on the sympathy and tend to even forget about it's like "Oh?Again?!" I'm okay with that, I get it, but it does make it feel quite different from the first time.

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