Tuesday, July 28, 2015


Maine, 2015

The tempo in Maine can be a little intense with so many children underfoot, but Oscar in particular seems to love being in the thick of things, truly believing he is central to the game, whatever it is.

Once in a while I have a pang of missing city life, but then I see all the new words Axel is learning (paddleboard, lever, dinghy, hermit crab) or watch Oscar get more and more sure-footed, running, throwing balls, and climbing anything and everything and it's pretty clear that they're in heaven. Even their little scrapes and splinters and bruises feel like a testament to a good summer.

I am also trying to relax into the chaos that is my life most of the time now; obviously with a third on the way the dust isn't going to clear anytime soon. Have to figure out how to find my zen in the middle of it all, somehow.

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