Our Story (So Far)

Will and I have lived in Williamsburg since 2004 (landing here after two circuitous journeys that took in England, Scotland, Wales, Washington, D.C., Tunisia, London, France, New Zealand, and Australia.)

In 2012, we had a baby boy named Axel and, nineteen months later, another little one named Oscar. Balthazar (Bo for short) joined us twenty one months after that, in December of 2015.

We're busy raising three kids in this odd little corner of North Brooklyn. When we're not chasing toddlers or rocking babies, Will works in tech and I am a freelance journalist.

Whenever we can, we decamp to Maine, and do our best to keep traveling to new places, if you'd like to read more about our escapes from the city.

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  1. Hi there - reaching out to see if you are interested in writing for some of our pubs and blogs - email me if you are interested - mama@themamasnetwork.com


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