Friday, March 18, 2016


Williamsburg, 2016

A few good reads on parenting: this, on simplifying childhood, and this, on how Americans' approach to family is so different from nearly every other culture in the world's.

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Bo: Fourteen Weeks Old

Bo, 2016

Bo, so sweet, so nocturnal! And of course I have no memory of how Axel or Ozzy came to sleep through the night.

Naturally, now he's dozing off next to me in a coffee shop, while people comment on what a miraculously easy baby he seems to be.

I, meanwhile, am trying to figure out just how to eke some sort of routine out of the chaos. Good thing these three boys are so cute. Here's a look back at Oscar and Axel at the same age.

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Sail Away

Virgin Islands, 2014

In just about two weeks, we embark on our first trip as a family of five.

We're doing a home swap with our friends who live on Tortola in the British Virgin Islands!!! We'll overlap with them for a few days (they also have two little boys under the age of 3) and get to know their version if island life; then they'll head to our place for a dose of the big city while we hire a local locksmith to change their locks, throw our passports and shoes into the ocean, and start blending up some fruity cocktails.

Kidding. Sort of.  

It's had me looking back at fun memories of our trips to the islands in 2012 and 2014. And thinking about how travel, as tough as it can be, brings out the best in our little family. At home, I can get a little obsessed with 'the plan', but when I'm in a new place I see everything with fresh eyes and the possibilities for our lives seem limitless.

I've also been reading the blog Somewhere Slower, about a family who've embarked on a 'gap year' with their four children under the age of ten; they've just spent five weeks in New Zealand and explored everywhere from Big Sur to Punte del Este, all while being impossibly photogenic. They make it look like great fun.

Monday, March 7, 2016

The Ides

New York, 2016

My sense of humor is faltering somewhat this week.

I'm recovering from a fever I had for four days or so, plus a nasty cough. My immune system just seems to be in shreds these days. Now one boy has caught it, and the other has some vague kind of tummy bug.

Ozzy is unscathed and still running around gleefully, saying "Happy Birthday Ozzy!"

Will is away for work and it's been a little wild, especially in the very small hours of the night. "Maybe I'll get one hour of sleep tonight" is a slightly terrifying thought.  

That said...there have been funny moments too: Yesterday Axel was playing a game that involved "running errands" (which made me realize I need to get out more!) And at school last week he was talking to a new co-teacher about Oscar. When she asked who this O. character was, Axel replied, "Oh, he lives in my building."

I love seeing these guys' relationship blossom by the day, knowing they go through life side by side. And spring must be around the corner, right? Plus...balloons!

Thursday, March 3, 2016

Bo: Three Months Old

Not to be forgotten, baby Balthazar (who will be three months old on Sunday), who is getting more charming by the day.

Here's a look back at Axel and Ozzy at the same age.

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Oscar Is Two!

Oscar, 2016

Happy "Birthay"(as the saying goes), sweet Oscar. There are more festivities to come a little later this week, but so far little O. seems to be enjoying himself thoroughly.

Here's a look back at his first birthday celebrations. And another one! To sugar highs!
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