Monday, March 7, 2016

The Ides

New York, 2016

My sense of humor is faltering somewhat this week.

I'm recovering from a fever I had for four days or so, plus a nasty cough. My immune system just seems to be in shreds these days. Now one boy has caught it, and the other has some vague kind of tummy bug.

Ozzy is unscathed and still running around gleefully, saying "Happy Birthday Ozzy!"

Will is away for work and it's been a little wild, especially in the very small hours of the night. "Maybe I'll get one hour of sleep tonight" is a slightly terrifying thought.  

That said...there have been funny moments too: Yesterday Axel was playing a game that involved "running errands" (which made me realize I need to get out more!) And at school last week he was talking to a new co-teacher about Oscar. When she asked who this O. character was, Axel replied, "Oh, he lives in my building."

I love seeing these guys' relationship blossom by the day, knowing they go through life side by side. And spring must be around the corner, right? Plus...balloons!

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