Thursday, April 17, 2014


Eleuthera, 2014

Our last day on the beach has come all too quickly. I have lots more to say about this adventure, but will wait to post until we get back to New York (sigh.)

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Beach Babies

Eleuthera, 2014

Okay, first up, why did nobody tell me about rum cake until now? In Eleuthera, you go to the hardware store and order a cake a day in advance, and some local lady (who is a genius, p.s.) makes you what's basically the most moist poundcake you'e ever had, and it's dripping with rum. It is unreal.

Secondly, can we stay for a month? Every morning since the first day here, we say to Axel, "Want to go in the ocean?" and he replies, "Yeah, okay", and marches to the beach. He is so brave with the little waves.

We took a day trip to Harbour Island and had a beautiful lunch and then went swimming at The Dunmore, a very chic hotel that was once a private club. The golf carts (the only way to get around Harbour Island) were also a hit! Eleuthera itself is fantastically quiet and unspoiled.

Where is Brooklyn?

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Six Weeks Old

Oscar, 2014

Just a quick photo of Oscar on his six weekiversary! Currently sleeping soundly thanks to the natural white noise machine that is the sound of crashing waves just outside of our window.

Gone Fishing

Bahamas, 2014

We landed in Eleuthera last night, and it's pretty spectacular. Axel is having the time of his tiny life, playing in tide pools and making sand castles, eating fried plantains, and carrying around a tiny coconut, saying "Ocean!"

WiFi is really slow here (thank goodness), so posting will be scant until we come home, but we'll be juggling babies, having adventures, and taking lots of pictures...

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Williamsburg Safari

Williamsburg, 2014

We went to a trial dance class today at Hosh Kids, and while it was cute, it was kind of frenetic.

Axel was skirting the edges of the class looking mildly bewildered and being unusually clingy. The music was a little loud and there was a lot of turn taking (not his forte, yet.) After a meltdown, I decided to throw in the towel; we were better off heading off on our own little adventure.

And so we found ourselves on an impromptu Brooklyn street art safari, which Axel got a kick out of. We finished up with a trip to the park to see the ultimate in local wildlife, the pigeon. Very exotic!


Williamsburg, 2014

Oscar is smiling (sort of), Axel is counting and painting (sort of), and I've been tackling some last minute errands before our trip. Baby sandals, check; Bulk diapers, check; Bucket and shovel for the beach; check.

Monday, April 7, 2014

Oscar: Five Weeks Old

Oscar, 2014

Axel turned twenty months old this weekend, while Oscar turned five weeks! He went on his first boat and subway ride, and kept us on our toes with a bit of screaming. So far he is loving baths, being bounced in his bouncy chair, and being held as much as possible. Here's a look back at Axel at five weeks.


New York, 2014

A jam packed weekend here! I love getting around the city on the East River Ferry, especially with our giganto double stroller and a mission to tackle The List!

We had burgers at Shake Shack in Madison Square Park, walked a ton, and made it to the Affordable Art Fair, where I spotted some photographs I loved by the artist Raymond Ciborowski. We did not snap out the check book but there were a few pieces I have my eye on.

We had two dinner parties (though one involved takeout from the Meatball Shop), tackled a swimming lesson, made it to multiple playgrounds, a baby shower, and even had a date at Falansai, which was delicious, especially the Imperial rolls and Shaking Beef.

And now for a week of recovery before our next big adventure, a trip to the Bahamas with the two boys in tow.

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Twenty Months

Axel, 2014

Axel will be twenty months old tomorrow, which astounds me! He's acquiring so many new skills this month, from learning to blow bubbles under water at swimming, to calling me 'Sarah', to hanging on the bars at the playground, to scribbling with crayons and pens...what's more, he seems to remember more of our activities (or at least is able to express that he remembers something, like our boat trip to Dumbo.) And he is such a participant in whatever we do now, it makes outings all that much more amusing.

Although Axel still only has 8 visible teeth, this month he's been up crying quite a bit at night due to some new teeth that are bound to pop through soon. I'm not sure if they are more painful teeth than the ones he has already, but he's definitely been more emotional and quick to cry because of them. It could be that some of the outbursts have to do with adjusting to having a sibling or with bad dreams, but it's tough to say. Twenty month olds are turbulent creatures, whatever else is going on.

Even though Oscar is a demanding fellow, I've been able to have some good one on one time with Axel this month, experimenting with new classes like art and gymnastics and just spending time on the playground with him.

He's been such an easy, agreeable baby all along that it's definitely a shock when he shows his stubborn, toddler-ish side and refuses to get in the stroller or eat this or that. As with anything in life, some days are harder than others. But in spite of our general sleep deprivation, Axel makes us laugh many times over each day. It's so fun having little adventures with him.

Friday, April 4, 2014

Space Ninety 8

Williamsburg, 2014

This morning, Oscar and I took a spin around the new Space Ninety 8 store on North 6th St. (translation: Urban Outfitters' Brooklyn concept store.) It was so trippy...where are we? When I moved to Williamsburg ten years ago, I knew it was changing, but I'm not quite sure I could have fathomed the extent of it.

Yesterday I was wandering around noticing how much the demographic has shifted. You see a lot of off-duty models sipping $12 cold pressed juices, dog walkers with their pack of 6 French bulldogs, European tourists Intagramming things, nannies with double strollers...

I still love it (maybe because I am now the proud owner of one of those double strollers), but it does make you feel nostalgic and a little bit off your game sometimes. Earlier today, at my local coffee shop, there was a group of British students on a school trip interviewing the owner about the neighborhood. "Why is it such a draw for artists?' they asked. He basically told them it hadn't been since the '90s...all the artists had moved to Bushwick.

Obviously, things are going to change even more when the Domino Sugar Factory is redeveloped. Which is why I loved checking out these gorgeous photos by Paul Raphaelson of it in its current state of ruin. I'll be interested to check it out on May 10th, when the artist Kara Walker's installation opens there. So there is still at least a bit of art around these parts, for now.