Monday, October 20, 2014


Williamsburg, 2014

For months we've passed our neighbors on their way to early weekend dinners out in the neighborhood with their 2 year old, and it's pretty cute seeing her toddling down the block in search of Italian fare.

Last night we tried the same, with Axel and Ozzy in tow, and headed to Oregano for homemade pasta and wood-fired pizza. Apart from some projectile pizza crusts it was a success (which I attribute to the B.Y.O.B. policy and family vibe.) I just have to master the art of eating while carrying Oscar in the Baby Bjorn as I'm afraid he got a bit showered in broccoli rabe. It was a bit chaotic but kind of glowy and warm and funny nonetheless.

Mostly Will and I reserve dinner out for times when we have a sitter, but it was really cute going out as a foursome. The waitress couldn't have been nicer and a family next to us, with three teenagers, seemed by turns bemused and sympathetic. It was also nice to put the kiddos to bed without facing the whole to-cook-or-Seamless dilemma.

Sunday, October 19, 2014


Williamsburg, 2014

The temperatures dropped by around twenty degrees overnight, a reminder that this autumnal thing is really happening, like it or not. We are getting back into the swing of things in Brooklyn, or trying to.

Somehow a low key weekend at home reminds me of all the projects I've been meaning to get to, work-related and otherwise....

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Oscar: Seven (and a half) Months Old

Oscar, 2014

Oscars's hobbies at seven and a half months old include: sitting, toppling over, chasing the cat, following Axel's every move, coughing, wearing 12-18 month old sized clothing, and giving impish smiles. He weighs some 20 pounds and 4 oz.

Friday, October 17, 2014

Friday Antics

Williamsburg, 2014

Axel had a great day at school followed by ice cream with mama and a rooftop playdate with one of his school friends.

It was a gorgeous afternoon and I'm thrilled to report that we have no plans for the weekend whatsoever except a hair cut for the little guy. Ahhhhh!

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Dinner Dilemma

Williamsburg, 2014

Ha, this pice, 'What if You Just Hate Making Dinner?' has been making the rounds for a while, but it definitely made me laugh.

I love food blogs and cook books with gorgeous photos of heirloom vegetables scattered over bread boards and all of the rest of it, but realistically? It's been a week of big deadlines and sick babies and ordering from Seamless, even though we also get Blue Apron deliveries and could in theory make something from scratch in about 30 minutes.

On the one hand, we're lucky to live in range of some wonderful delivery options. On the other hand, there is this sense that if you aren't making a wholesome meal every day you're failing in some kind of measure.

Still, that half an hour a day when we're supposed to be roasting Cornish game hens or somesuch happens to be when both boys are clamoring attention, so in order to cook I have to slap on Peppa Pig, and what do you know, I'm not supposed to do that either.

So which is it? Screen time, or dinner?

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

And Another Thing

Vermont, 2014

Some snippets I remembered on the long car journey south yesterday:

I loved this Zadie Smith essay, Find Your Beach, about living in New York.

This piece on how brunch is for jerks was hilarious. I have to admit that the last time I tried to do brunch (with our two kids) it felt pretty ridiculous-borderline-torturous.

Then there's this Belgian beer place opening in Williamsburg (even if you hate brunch, Belgian beer is pretty good.)

Lastly, one of my favorite food writers, David Lebowitz, came to the neighborhood. It's true, Pies & Thighs is amazing.


Vermont, 2014

It's funny looking at this serene picture of Vermont and thinking, well, how frenetic the last few months (years?) have been.

As we caught up with friends, it seemed like a theme was beginning to emerge. 'I've been going a million miles a minute at work,' one of them said. Or 'I actually passed out at work, I've been traveling so much.' There were also a lot of 'I'd love to have a third (or second) baby but I am just so, so tired.' (We sound like a fun bunch, don't we!?) Everyone was kind of trying to let loose and be who we would have been at a wedding a decade ago, but it was hard to rally, given all of the above.

I guess in your mid-thirties (gulp), it's just a time when your career is at its most intense, or is in transition somehow, and we and a lot of our friends have lots of small kids. Some of it is New York, perhaps, but a lot of these friends lived in D.C., or Portland, Maine, or elsewhere. So it's not just the city.

I tried to catch up with one friend over breakfast at the inn we stayed at, but Will had to do some work so was squirreled away on his laptop in a corner and I was chasing Axel in circles around the hotel while he cried, 'I lost my airplane!' on repeat. Meanwhile, our friend was negotiating some argument between her two kids, one of whom was crying because they'd just tripped on something, and I thought, ack, we have a long road ahead of us (her children were maybe 4 and 6.)

Don't get me wrong, we feel so so grateful for our brood and our work and all the rest of it, but it does make me wonder when everyone around us also feels like they have a hundred plates spinning in the air. Does it settle down eventually? Last night, for instance, Will got up and worked (cue paper airplane chaos), then we went to a brunch, loaded our crew into a car, drove for 8 hours or somesuch, and then I bundled the kids into bed and got on my laptop to do some work. And then Ozzy was up 3 or 4 times.

This morning, as I was unpacking some of the kids' clothes, Axel saw the suitcase and got in a complete tizzy saying, 'Black car? I go too!' while having a big old meltdown. Poor kid is feeling kind of weary, and so are we. I am a huge booster for travel with kids, but there's definitely some kind of cost benefit analysis I am too worn out to do.

Monday, October 13, 2014


Vermont, 2014

Had a lovely time at the wedding last night (at the Inn at Lareau Farms...where there was a great log fire and a mashed potato bar, among other delights.) And now, back on the road.

Sunday, October 12, 2014


Vermont, 2014

I feel a bit like we're a traveling circus at the moment, but it's a gorgeous, blue-sky day up here and Oscar is looking very handsome in his red corduroy overalls.

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Mad River

Vermont, 2014

We arrived in Vermont's Mad River late last night and scaled a mountain this morning (we're definitely taking advantage of this whole foliage situation this month.)

Naturally I've already purchased some tie dyed gear for the boys. We're here for a wedding and can't wait to catch up with friends by the roaring fire here.
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