Friday, February 10, 2017


via Sunnylife

Whelp! Have just been inside with three small humans for something like 36 hours straight because of the blizzard that hit New York yesterday. Will, meanwhile, is out in LA home scouting for us, so this picture is about where my mind is at the moment.

We've been busy: lots of admin, lots of logistics, lots of life designing...and plenty of nail biting over all of the above. Once we're there (in just 50 days!) I think it will dissipate because we'll be distracted my lemon trees and sunshine. But for now we're muscling through.

Aside from that, I have lots afoot. Bo turned 14 months this week, Axel is four and a half!, and Oscar's third birthday is just a few weeks away. Have to stop googling pool floats and get back to recording daily life in Brooklyn.

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