Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Fifteen Months

Williamsburg, 2013

Fifteen months today! You woke up with a little stomach bug but seem to be happily napping away now.

Mama forgot to do a fourteen month update, but the last two months have been so much fun. You are such a little person.

Current obsessions:

1) Rasberries. If we let you exist solely on rasberries, strawberries, cheese, and milk, you'd be a very happy fellow. This is an expensive habit, but we are indulging it anyway.
2) Buckles. After you've finished your meals, you love sitting in your high chair for a bit and trying to figure out how the seat buckle works. You love to wander up to your stroller and investigate its buckle as well. Planning your escape, perhaps?
3) Relaxing. We have a little reading pillow on the floor in the living room and you love to sit in it while you drink your milk or find your way there to put your arms out in repose. Sitting like a grown up in big chairs is also a favorite pastime.
4) Cars, Balls, and Scooters. You are obsessed with cars you can ride on or sit in (we see a flare of your temper if we take you out of them.) At the playground, you'll happily chase balls for hours. If a big kid is there with his scooter, you are all over it.
5) Climbing. You are a walking, running, climbing machine. You love powering around on the playground and going down the slide on your belly.

Dislikes: Pasta! We are clearly not related. We also have trouble getting you to sit still through a book, though you'll happily look at them on your own.

Words: Mah (I'd like to think it's Mama, but really it's "more.") Uh Oh, Hi, Meow, Papa, Peppa (for Peppa Pig.)

Teeth: 4 that are fully in, with another two on the top peeking through.

Weight and Height: We'll find out on Friday at your 15 month appointment. Update: You are 23.5 pounds and 31.3" long!

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