Sunday, May 5, 2013

Nine Months Old

Axel, 2013

At nine months old (tomorrow), Axel wakes up and is on a mission. Pulling up on the freezer, pulling up on the coffee table, pulling up on his Baby Bjorn bouncer. Letting go with one hand and looking around, proud as can be.

When he plays in his crib, he occasionally heckles his stuffed animals, holding one up and saying "Gah!" very emphatically. When he's interested in a toy (his bath eggs and blocks are a hit) he can amuse himself for ages. He is by turns very studious and very sociable. Poor Sealface has to endure lots of tail and fur grabbing while we say "Gentle! Nice nice to the kitty..." over and over again.

Axel still loves new people, and doesn't seem to experience much separation anxiety (though he has burst into tears a few times when his papa has blown his nose very loudly.) He's loves the teacher at the local library's reading group and is also very interested in watching us eat. Nubbins of bread, his thumb, and his mini ladybug maraca are all big hits.

Will and I often turn to one another and say things like "He is the best!!" When we start to say things like "He's a genius!" that means he is probably in desperate need of a sibling...

I saw a friend with a three month old, 11-pound baby on Friday, and those days seem quite remote. Of course we loved him when he was a little bean too, but now he really cracks us up.

Axel, 2013

P.S. Here's a little video of him standing the other day.

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