Monday, May 6, 2013

Mama Time

Axel, 2013

Will is headed to California this week for a business trip this afternoon, so for the next four days it's just me and this fellow.

This means...

Axel will be a total mess after every meal. His papa has meticulous spoon technique, while I think dinner doesn't count if the whole baby isn't covered.

I probably won't sleep all that well. Yes, I can lie diagonally in bed, but as the only adult on duty overnight, I'll also jump at every little noise (even when it's just the cat being a nocturnal jerk.)

The kiddo will miss his morning jam sessions (but may get a few sneaky glimpses of the Today Show instead.)

Lots of morning trips to the local coffee shop. As much as I love seeing Axel trying to climb all of the furniture in our living room, it's kind of easier to manage solo when he's contained in his stroller and amused by the goings-on around the neighborhood.

I will have cereal for dinner on more than one occasion.

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