Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Captive Audience

Axel, 2013

You'll notice that a lot of my recent pictures of Axel are taken when he's buckled into his high chair. Otherwise I'd be wandering around the living room a few paces behind him, trying to keep him from eating the TV wires.

He is getting sturdier by the day, though, and has figured out how to climb back down to the floor from a standing position, so I don't have to hover quite as much as I did a few weeks ago. His scar is also much less worrying than it was right after his surgery, so I'm a little less panicked about that.

We video "chatted" with Will last night (am sure Axel was like what the heck is my father doing in that laptop?) Other than that, it's been pretty straightforward looking after Axel solo...he's good company.

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