Friday, May 31, 2013

The Lowline

New York, 2013

Last night Will and I went out to a benefit for The Lowline, which is sort of like The Highline, only underground. The party was at The Box, and featured a performance by Miike Snow (who we saw in concert when I was pregnant) and some guys from MGMT. It was a tiny venue, and there were burlesque dancers and technology types and lots of glamorous looking people milling about.

Once in a while, I get disenchanted with New York...but then you think of all of the improbable ideas that come to fruition here, or have an especially serendipitous night out, or have a conversation with someone whose job is so particular to this city that you can't imagine living anywhere else (one chat last night involved someone who worked for the Highline who was telling me how someone applied for permits to do a photo shoot with a bear there. Sadly, they were declined.) I mean!

I don't know. I certainly don't want to go out to places like The Box every night; I'm usually quite content in my little Brooklyn bubble. But I'm glad it's there. I'm glad people are busy transforming the city all the time; I'm glad to be surrounded by so many creative, ambitious, weird characters and ambitious ideas. I love walking over the Williamsburg Bridge with Will and Axel and seeing the skyline and having silly adventures.

Certainly there are other, more peaceful, less expensive places to live. But then I contemplate our plans in any given week, the sort we even take for granted, I'm glad we've stuck it out. As much as I sometimes fret about my work or wonder if it wouldn't be simpler to live in a smaller city, twelve years on I'm still pretty enamored with life in New York.

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