Saturday, June 1, 2013

June Roars In

Axel, 2013

Well, it was about 500 degrees outside today. We went to a friend's rooftop barbecue but spent most of the day cowering inside in the AC.

Other than that, we got Axel this handsome new travel stroller at Wee Babe in anticipation of our trip to France. After Christmas, when I nearly had a meltdown over how much stuff we brought, we are trying to get better about this travel with baby stuff. I don't think we'll use it every day because it doesn't recline and is a little flimsy for the sidewalks of New York, but it will be much easier to take overseas than our current one.

We also checked out Willy's Toy Box. When we were up in Maine, Axel was over the moon with all the toys in the nursery there, and he was seeming a little underwhelmed over his well worn selection at home. So we put a few of those away for a while and got him a cute dump truck, squish ball, and  wooden caterpillar. Novelty! While I'm nowhere near as organized as this lady is at toy roatation, I think it's a great idea.

There's are good articles on toy rotation here and here. Turns out it's a Montessori concept.

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