Sunday, January 6, 2013

Five Months Old

Axel, 2013

And finally home!

It was so nice to put the key in the lock and come back home after nearly a month of festivity. The three of us have been battling colds since Boxing Day and so were feeling a quite hazy and run down for the last week of our trip. None of us are actually sick any longer, but it's still a relief to put on pajamas and crawl into your own bed.

I'm not sure if it's my imagination, but I'm sure Axel was looking around his room last night like, 'Hey, I remember this place!'

Today, our boy is five months old and a serious squirm ball.

He hates being strapped into his car seat or stroller and isn't such a fan of being put down in a cot either (and I am afraid he's been in and out of new contraptions for weeks now.) He's loving socializing and sitting up in an unsteady little tripod position. When you try to hold him in a cradle position he has an expression that says 'Come on...I am not a baby!' His blonde fuzz is getting longer by the minute, and he's intent on chewing and grabbing everything. Sealface is in for it. As is my hair.

Here he is at four months old; at three; at two; and at one.

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