Friday, January 25, 2013

Learning Curve

Williamsburg, 2013

Last night I did one of those things you read about on lifestyle blogs, but are rarely organized enough to execute. After dinner (penne with sausage from the Meat Hook, broccoli, and pepper flakes) was made and consumed, I made an enormous pot of chili for another dinner. The kitchen was already messy so it felt pretty painless.

Lately, you see, I've been struggling a bit with the freelance life (plus baby.) Yes it brings with it a lot of flexibility. I can make it to Axel's doctor's appointments and occasionally take breaks to play on the floor on the days when I am not in the office or at meetings. But there are also very few boundaries on work. It kind of seeps in at the edges of things and you try to cram in an hour in the early morning or late at night when the baby is sleeping.

What usually falls through the cracks is household order, which is a shame, because I love nothing more than a proper dinner and crisp sheets and a tidy living room. Add to that the new challenges of Axel's food. I am dead set on making his food from scratch, so in between everything else there are a lot of dishes full of rejected mashed veggies strewn about.

I posted about feeding families with newborns, but let's just say we are still figuring it out at the six month mark.

There are of course a million delivery options in Williamsburg (okay, 297), but eat Queen of Siam basil chicken too many times and you can't help but crave real, simple fare. Lately I've been exploring other options, and have been happy to see that there are services like Sip Soups. Last week I ordered some of their soup, which was fantastic but is a little pricy on a long term basis.

As much as I love to be spontaneous (and as much as Will loves to get creative and ambitious in the kitchen), I think sometimes we need to be a little 1950s about it, as in " Friday is chili night." End of story.

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