Tuesday, January 1, 2013

21 Weeks Old

Axel, 2012

Axel's just 5 days shy of turning 5 months old, so I have somewhat fallen off the wagon in keeping up with his weekly "birthdays." And this month has been so peripatetic for us that it's been hard to say exactly what his latest routine is like with any confidence.

The good news is that his sleep has been pretty solid since that first week when we seemed to turn a corner. And we never did any formal sleep training, he just seemed to come into it on his own. Thank god, because we really didn't have the nerve to let him cry it out for ages and ages.

Of course, jet lag's been something else.

When we first arrived Axel was squarely on New York time, staying up 'til midnight and sleeping for most of the morning. We've slooooowly gotten to an 8:15ish bedtime, but it's not without a good deal of fussing (probably because there are so many people around just before dinner that Axel thinks sleep sounds like a decidedly dull option. It's been hard to have that unwinding time in a packed house where we don't entirely have our own space.)

But, fingers crossed, he mostly sleeps through the night now (waking up maybe once around 5 a.m., then falling back to sleep until about 9.) I am dreading the time adjustment on the other side, but at least I am no longer waking up four times a night.

Apart from some lingering colds and possible teething, our fellow has been a delight. He's a real laugher now, chomps on everything in sight, and when you pick him up he holds his little arms around your neck like he's a human koala bear. I am amazed by how resilient he's been with all this travel and not feeling his best (and sort of longing for a return to routine...for all of us.)

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