Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Book Club

Axel, 2013

We have a book eater on our hands. A new meaning to the expression "media diet?"

I've also been busy updating my blog roll. There are some Williamsburg blogs I've recently discovered, like Motherburg and WillyB Mum, as well as the wonderful Almost Fearless, about a family (of three, soon to be four) who've spent the last 2 years traveling around the globe, visiting some 38 countries along the way. They are now semi-settled in Mexico, and it makes for some good escapism on this white-skied January day. I've also been checking out Writing Chapter Three, a really frank take on being a stay at home mother.

I find myself reading a good deal about babies and parenting, because that's my default mode these days, but I'm also working on my New Years' resolution to read more in general. Like this New Yorker article about re-wilding Europe.

Also on my list? Wolf Hall by Hilary Mantel and NW by Zadie Smith. I may even finish them by 2013.

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