Friday, January 4, 2013

Flexing Muscles

London, 2013

Our last day in London...I spent the afternoon interviewing a famous British actor up in Camden, an assignment that popped up serendipitously while I was over here.

It's been a weird time for me professionally. Earlier this year I was so in awe of the creative act of producing a new human that I couldn't fathom ever truly caring about work again (except as a means to keep bread on the table for said new human.) I was genuinely thrilled to be at home all day, every day, with Axel, and still on a bit of a high from giving birth.

But as I've hobbled back into the workplace things have taken on their own momentum and I am starting to enjoy it once more. Sometimes being in media is so discouraging...with papers and magazines folding at every turn, you are so often hustling for the next gig.

But today I felt invigorated by the art of crafting and interview and the challenge of turning those quotes and impressions into a complete story. I actually love writing profiles, because it allows me to be professionally nosy. Plus it was interesting to talk to someone whose profession is also all about the hustle. And instantly, my mood (which has been a bit wobbly of late, to be honest) lifted.

Travel, like the creative process itself, can be a total hassle and a drain on your emotional reserves. But then in one afternoon things somehow click and you're reminded how lucky you are to be able to move from country to country and to have work that allows you to keep on stoking your curiosity.

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