Monday, September 3, 2012

Four Weeks Old

Axel, Maine, 2012

A short post because we are on the road, travelling home to New York via Boston. It was sad to leave Maine behind but I think I can say we did it in style (with a weekend packed full of wedding festivities, the requisite pit stop at L.L. Bean, copious amounts of bacon, and some house decorating at my mom's.)

Axel has been a great vagabond this month and has been quite content to sleep in three different houses in the last three nights. I think he's just about ready for his induction into the gypset. Nonetheless, I think we are all craving a return to routine and the familiar grit of Brooklyn.

He has grown so much since we left New York and we've gotten much more sure footed along the way, delirium notwithstanding. With all the milestones we've marked in this last month (first sail, first bottle, first bath, first babysitters), I feel like going home to normalcy will be that much easier.

Of course, when I think that four weeks ago I gave birth to this little creature, my mind is blown.

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