Thursday, September 13, 2012


Williamsburg, 2012

It's gorgeous out and we've been doing a lot of walking down to the waterfront, through McCarren Park, to Greenpoint for fresh air and donuts from Peter Pan. Axel loves to sleep on the go in his stroller,  when the music is blasting in a busy bistro, or when other people are watching.

When it's the two of us at home in the peace and quiet (just when I start thinking about a nap of my own or try to, say, make a sandwich), he's wide awake and transforms into Starvy McFussypants.

On the plus side, this means I have a ton of mobility and don't feel cooped up at home. On the not-so-plus-side, I do a lot of zombielike walking around the neighborhood pointing my camera at various things that amuse me.

Now, our pediatrician, who happens to be French, is a big booster for early sleep training. Like let-them-cry-it-out-at-two-months-old and never look back sleep training. But as we're still 2 weeks away from that milestone, we're still really winging it. But sleep, that's pretty much my favorite topic of conversation at the moment. I am trying to start a baby sleep propaganda campaign.

Axel! Sleep! At night! It's better than milk and screaming, I swear.

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