Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Back in the Saddle

Axel, 2012

We made it back to New York in one piece and have been busy reintegrating ourselves back into society. I was remarking to Will today that hipsters are pretty darn hilarious when you haven't seen them in a while. Today while walking down Bedford Avenue we overheard snippets of some pretty hysterical conversations, like "This year I'm really trying to rebrand myself," and "I just want to get into fashion!"

Comic relief aside, being home is a bit discombobulating. We had barely gotten settled in our new apartment before Axel was born and then were away for nearly all of August, so it still feels a bit new. Yesterday I was sort of wandering around the place like a lost puppy thinking things like: "Where do these people keep the glasses?" Oh yeah...we are these people.

Since Will heads back to work tomorrow, we've been trying to unpack and get organized. My little bedside station is up and ready and the kitchen is stocked. Hoping all of this becomes second nature soon. I think Axel is going through a little growth spurt so the more I can do to streamline things at home the better for all of us. Off to cook a giant lasagne to freeze.

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