Sunday, September 23, 2012


Axel, 2012

Am curled up watching the Emmys with my eyes drooping. The weekend was quite something.

A date with the husband at Isa on Friday night, and a brief trip to Rhode Island and Connecticut where we stayed at the very cute Shelter Harbor Inn on Saturday. I caught up with some old friends at a bachelorette party that evening while Will and Axel enjoyed a manly dinner of steak and oysters (and milk.) They make a good pair.

After our trip up to Maine we were relative pros this time around and managed not to make the car look like a gypsy caravan.

On the way home we stopped in Essex for a visit with family and took a picture of Axel by his great great grandfather's plaque (commemorating his work in preserving the village waterfront.)

And tonight, after maybe an hour's turnaround at home, Will flew off to California for a business trip while I attended a party with my neighbors and a condo board meeting. I would say I'll sleep like a baby tonight, but I mean that in sense that I'll sleep like a baby who doesn't sleep all that much.

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