Tuesday, September 25, 2012


Axel, Williamsburg, 2012

Axel and I had an action packed few days while Will was away (he is now home, thank goodness.) It was actually less daunting than I had thought it might be, largely because I was busy with friends and had some help on Monday from a prospective new nanny. I mailed out our birth announcements, went to Baby Boot Camp, and had dinner with Axel's godparents.

Getting back into shape has been...slow going. Am sort of running on empty lately so the prospect of lunges and leg lifts isn't so tempting. Usually the thing that gets me out of bed is the promise of a very hot shower, strong coffee, and a rambling walk. But as I've kind of stalled with the weight loss and am feeling like I've lost a ton of strength I am trying to rise to the occasion.

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