Monday, November 4, 2013

23 Weeks

23 weeks

I know, I know, I've been hopeless with the weekly updates this time around (here I am, 23 weeks pregnant with Axel!) The breakfast thing is still true...

In any case, all is well with baby boy #2. I think he must have been having some kind of epic growth spurt last week because I could barely make it through dinner most nights.

I seem to have romanticized my entire last pregnancy, somehow, and find myself shocked now when I feel less than stellar. The last time, I guess, I wasn't waking up with a teething baby, or schlepping around a 25 pound toddler, and so I could do whatever it was that I felt up to on that particular day. I do know I was easily tired when I was pregnant with Axel, but now I find it more frustrating, because I want to be able to spend time on the floor with him, picking him up, and chasing him around the playground. And I do. It's just that I go from 60 to 0 really quickly.

I'm also a little nervous about entering my third trimester in the midst of winter, when I am usually a bit low on energy anyway. We are embarking on a few nesting projects around the house, though, which I'm looking forward to, since it seems we never fully moved in after Axel was born. Hoping I can channel what energy I do have into those and somehow keep up with Axel too.

So far, we haven't so much as mentioned the baby to him. He understands simple directions really well, and he loves to say "Hi," "Uh Oh," and the like, but I feel like the concept of a brother might be a little far-fetched to him now. I think we'll start chatting about it in a few months.

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