Tuesday, August 6, 2013

One Year

Axel, 2013


So much mischief, energy, and playfulness.

You haven't seemed terribly babyish in a while, what with your tanned little feet (oops!), resistance to being held, and your sense of adventure.

It's been a busy summer: opening and closing doors; playing hide and seek; noshing on bagels; saying "Tkitkicat" (which either means cat or nothing at all); boat rides; plane trips...

I really loved the three months I had at home with you, in the early newborn days which seemed kind of hazy and surreal. But now...now you are such a participant in our every day activities, in our family, it's impossible to imagine a time when you weren't here with us.

My very favorite baby boy, Happy Birthday! May it be filled with penguins, balls, harmonicas, blueberries and pancakes, all your favorite things.

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