Friday, August 30, 2013


Axel, 2013

August has been whirl of major development for our little Axel. It's funny how in the span of just a week or two, whole new thought processes seem to emerge. That's definitely been the case for us lately.

Suddenly, his imagination and memory seems to have exploded. He'll hold a block to his ear, and pretend it's the phone, or he'll crawl over to the corner where our iPod is docked, and bounce up and down (dancing) and pointing until we turn on the music.

He'll sit on the floor, leafing through a book, exclaiming at the pictures, and when we go to the coffee shop, he'll insist on getting a bite of a bagel. When I go to open the fridge to get milk, he'll get really excited, and when I point at a pillow on the ground, he'll crawl towards it, knowing he's about to get a bottle.

His first little tooth is popping through, and so far, teething hasn't been too dire.

His babble is still mostly babble, but it's amazing how clearly the guy can get a point across.

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