Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Work, Work, Play

Williamsburg, 2015

Here's me and Ozzy (and his belly) after three toddler birthday parties this weekend, which is definitely an endurance pursuit. It was a little crazy, to the point that Monday, which was a 12 hour work day full of major deadlines, seemed pretty zen.

Anyway, I've been reading lots of interesting articles here and there.

Like this one, on 'Faking Bravery' for your kids. As a kid, I was afraid of (in no particular order) moss, raw chicken, fire, the car rolling backwards, the dark, the ocean, snakes, and heights. I am still easily spooked. Definitely need to work on this one with my two.

And this one, 'Training for Discontent', on the culture of pressure in Silicon Valley. It's about kids and school, mainly, but also about how all of the adults around them are stress monsters and how it's this weird feedback loop.

Here's another one, on 'Mom: The Designated Worrier'. We have a theme, people! Gosh, it sounds like we need a drink over here. But really, all thought-provoking pieces.

On a lighter note, I LOVED this restaurant review, which made me laugh out loud. Maybe we won't be checking out Javelina.

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