Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Axel Says...

Williamsburg, 2014

So at our parent teacher conference the other day, Axel's teachers asked where his British accent comes from. Yes, both Will and I are half-English, sort of. But I'm pretty sure that's not it (I didn't have the heart to confess it might be from Peppa Pig.)

But seriously, Axel, now twenty seven months old, has taken to saying "You're most welcome, mummy", whenever I say thank you.

He also loves repeating this little joke from the show (he usually does it just after falling down):

"It's not funny, mummy. Okay, it's a bit funny, mummy..." It's always in a proper British accent.

He's full of energy these days, turning boxes into houses, obsessed with 'space rockets' (watching them take off on Youtube, building them out of cardboard with his papa, throwing the cardboard rockets off the balcony and then retrieving them with his papa...)

When I reminded him it was a school day, the other day, he said: "I want to sit on the sofa and relax!"

When I put him to bed in his room, he sometimes says, "I wan't to go back to my house," (meaning the living room.) He loves the sprinkles ice cream at Oddfellows, pointing out our apartment building from afar, talking about the L train, taking off his socks at inopportune moments, and watering plants. In school, he is learning all about dragons, making pumpkin smoothies, and studying the color blue.

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