Sunday, October 11, 2015


Williamsburg, 2015

Love these funny guys. Also, looking back at this little pumpkin picking event in Williamsburg in 2014 and 2013...

Hmmmm, what else? Have been reading a lot of essays by Catherine Newman, the author of the book Waiting for Birdy and the forthcoming Catastrophic Happiness. This one resonated in particular.

And feeling like my body is more than a tad broken. Let's see...I've been pregnant, or nursing, for over 40 months of the last 4 years. That means I've had precisely 2 minutes of recovery time since these pictures were taken. I looked so....energetic back then!

I also watched this documentary, 'Twin Sisters', about identical twins separated at birth. One is raised in Norway and one in California. It's a little dated but really good and the footage of Norway is insane. Makes me want to go read a book here. Someday.

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