Friday, June 24, 2016

Strange Days

Williamsburg, 2016

A friend posted this on social media and I thought it was so apt. 
"Today I am grateful that I am informed about the world in a far more wide reaching and deep way than we used to be informed. I am both grateful and overwhelmed.
I know logically that all of the news that makes the world seem like it's about to break is not really more than has been happening since the dawn of time. I know logically that humans are on average living longer better safer lives and that we are *mostly* being kinder to each other (on average). But, it's hard to not get caught up in the zeitgeist of fear, hatred, blame and the emotional (not logical) belief that the opposite is true because now we are more aware of the suffering and war. Partially the media cannot run without sensationalism, partially information spreads faster anyway, and partially the slow eradicating of colonialism means a loss of privilege for those who are used to being comfortably on the top of the heap (now they are angry) - I am grateful to know about the world, but also that makes me even more aware of my immense privilege.
Anyway, here's my being grateful to being an adult citizen of the world operating with fewer blind spots than before. Let's all own our adulthood and try to pony-up and fix the world rather than complain or run into isolation and delusion."

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