Tuesday, July 3, 2012

A New Human

via Kindred Clothing

So it's been a surreal week or so. So much so that in the midst of all this upheaval, I've sort of...forgotten I'm having a baby in 5-ish weeks?! Well, except for the expanding bump and all the rest of it.

And of course I realize that babies don't need all that much aside from a place to sleep, sustenance, and TLC. But once our painters come next week and get rid of all the beige, I'm excited to begin to get the nursery in gear.

Even though we'll have the baby sleep in our room at night for the first three months or so (in this beauty, a gift from my mother), I'd really like to have a serene space set up for daytime naps, changing time, and hanging out on the floor. And I think that final burst of preparation might help it all feel a bit more tangible.

But even as I say that, it's almost impossible to really visualize our life next month and beyond. Meeting newborns who belong to friends and family has helped, though it doesn't really change the fact that this reproduction business is very, very mind-blowing. As I was saying to Will in the middle of the night last night (pregnancy insomnia is fun), "How strange is it that we're getting our very own human?"

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