Thursday, March 8, 2012


Sausalito Bassinet via Serena and Lily

In spite of what my incessant "gear" posts might suggest, I really would like to whittle down what we need to a shopping list of 5 or 6 key items. Looking at lovely things online is one thing, finding a spot for them in your 915 square foot home is another altogether.

As far as "essentials" go, I keep coming back to these gorgeous Serena and Lily bassinets, because I think we'll keep baby in our room for some time and a full-sized crib just won't fit.

You can buy a stand they fit into so they're elevated off the ground, and (as the website suggests) you could use them later as a catchall for toys. Apparently they work for babies up to 4 months. I'm wondering if that's a good time to transition the baby into his own room, or if we'll regret not buying a larger (and uglier) pack and play type gizmo that he'll be able to use for longer. I'd like to think we'll all be happiest in our own rooms by four months, but who knows how I (and baby) will feel at that stage.

It may be stretching my "essentials" rule a bit, but they're just so darn pretty.

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