Thursday, March 8, 2012

In Bloom

New York, 2010

I felt like I was in an ad for the New York Times Sunday paper today...supping an iced skim latte, outside for the very first time this year (reading the Home section of the paper.) It was heaven.

New York, 2010
I'm also 18 weeks pregnant today. Depending on which site you check, this is either bell pepper week or sweet potato week. It feels really good to have reached this point in the pregnancy, and to feel spring on the doorstep.

As much as being heavily pregnant in August makes me a tad nervous (New York tends to be especially vile then), I see millions of advantages to being pregnant in the spring and summer. Flip flops, sundresses, and blue skies, for one. A lot of my flowy-er clothes will work fine for quite some time. Plus, it can be easy to get a bit down and overwhelmed when you're expecting, but my mood is almost instantly changed by a day like today. And there's the fact that when we have a newborn and a very little baby, it won't be frigid out, so getting out of the house will be a little bit easier.

Today, spring fever has hit the city in a big way. Suddenly, like the tulips, babies are everywhere. In strollers down by the waterfront...peeking out of baby slings, doing their baby things outside. Supping my latte, it was fun to start visualizing what life will be like come August. I am really looking forward to having a little buddy for my daytime strolls.

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