Monday, March 19, 2012


Mini Rodini via Sweet William
A friend recently passed along a great trick for keeping a child's wardrobe under control. Her policy? To veto buying anything with a logo or slogan and to limit patterns.

She buys mostly solids or stripes and says doing makes for a more streamlined look and fewer battles with her fickle toddler over what to wear. It sounded like a good idea to me, especially since onesies that say things like "Boob Man" seem to be everywhere these days and they make me cringe.

I do think there are exceptions to the rule. I'm obsessed with antique and vintage maps and love the notion of this little Mini Rodini onesie (they carry the version with legs at Sweet William in Williamsburg.) When I was checking out their site I also found this Bobo Choses number which is really cute and not too distracting.

I think it would be very sweet in the summer with one of those little old man style canvas fishing hats.

Bobo Choses via Sweet William

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