Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Williamsburg, 2012

I was at a bridal shower over the weekend and they had a few of those games.

For one of them, each guest had to write their tips for a happy marriage. Now, I've only been an old married lady for a little over 8 months, but I have been in a very happy relationship for nearly 8 years, so it got me thinking...

My tips included: 1) Splurge on exotic vacations; 2) Give weird names to your pets/homes/cars; 3) Make your own traditions; 4) Celebrate holidays with gusto; 5) Relish your inside jokes (especially before bedtime); 6) Let him watch Family Guy; and 7) Ignore the pile of socks on the floor (we call this the "sock graveyard.")

I think number three is probably the most key (and numbers one, two, and four are all related), and it's something I give all the more thought to as we make the shift from two people to three. Among my favorite Sarah-Will traditions are our annual tree-trimming party and our breakfast dates.

I don't really know how we got started on breakfast dates, but it's sort of our version of date night (cheesy name aside.)

3 or 4 mornings a week, instead of wolfing down cereal at home, we get up and walk to one of our local cafes for a latte and a croissant or somesuch. It's usually only a 10 of 15 minute affair, but somehow our conversations are fresher in the morning and it feels like a special way to kick off the day before Will heads to work. Even if our night is a marathon of bad TV or we wind up socializing with other people that evening, it feels like we've had a little bit of time to connect.

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