Monday, March 19, 2012

Paint Chips

Benjamin Moore Spectra Blue
Five plus years ago when we chose paint colors for our apartment, I had this vision of a seaside surf shack. The only thing that bugs me more than "renter's white" is murky, safe shades of cream, beige, and khaki, and I wanted to use color to make the space feel really happy.

We went with Spectra Blue for the long living room wall, neon green for the bathroom, and other poppy shades of blue throughout the apartment.

But now that a move may be imminent, I'm thinking something a little more grown up might be nice. I'm still picturing pops of lime green and orange.

Benjamin Moore Wythe Blue, via

Wedgewood Grey via

Dark Harbor via
The contenders so far? Benjamin Moore's Wythe Blue, Wedgewood Gray, Galapagos, and Palladian Blue. The existential question remains: are these much too sensible and serious for us? Should I make a beeline back to Spectra? Ack, and what about Dark Harbor!?

First World Problems, indeed.

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