Thursday, March 15, 2012


Maldives, 2008

One week until this!!! Well, until we head to the tropics, in any case. When we booked our trip to the Virgin Islands I was a little worried that I'd be feeling unwieldy and uncomfortable at 20 weeks but so far (19 weeks today), I'm feeling pretty great.

This week I've been doing a lot of pavement pounding in the city, doing my best to take advantage of the beautiful weather in New York, walking several miles at a time. I've also been keeping up with training and yoga. After long stretches of time on my feet my hips and lower back get a bit sore, but I can definitely do a few solid hours of activity a day without needing a break. Can't wait to swim in the warm water and get some sun.

I decided not to buy a maternity bathing suit and am chance-ing it with a J. Crew tankini that has a sort of flowy top. Other than that I am all kitted out and starting to plot my reading list.

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