Thursday, March 8, 2012


Maho Bay Eco Tents via
Concordia Eco Tents on St. John, via
I mentioned that for part of our upcoming trip, we are going a little rustic.

Let me state for the record that I am not much of a camper. It's not a case of prissiness. I am fine with insects and other critters and I love the great outdoors. But I don't do well without a good night's sleep, and so I'm often skeptical of tenting it. Then there's all the specialized equipment (and lugging a backpack at 5 months pregnant is not all that tempting.)

That said, Maho Bay (and it's sister resort Concordia) are another story altogether. The semi-open cabins come with basics like bedding, a fan, and some simple kitchen equipment. They are steps from the beach, there's daily yoga, and, if you don't feel like stocking up on groceries, there's a hilltop restaurant serving fresh fare. I first visited Maho with my mom when I was about 14, and I think it's a lovely option for families as each cabin sleeps 4 people. The setting, in a national park in the U.S. Virgin Islands, couldn't be more spectacular.

The cabins are connected by little boardwalks suspended over the tropical vegetation, and you often see iguanas and sand crabs scuttling about. I am really looking forward to the sun, the quiet, and the ten p.m. bedtimes. Now I just have to find some DEET-free mosquito spray.

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