Friday, March 9, 2012

18 Weeks

18 Weeks, 1 Day

Continuing to try to make a trend out of my monochromatic outfits.

This week I am starting to feel less "JV pregnant" and I definitely have noticed a change from 17 weeks. Have I popped? Not sure, but this morning Will said "you're pushing it out!" Definitely not. Funnily enough, I used to be self-conscious wearing this grey sweater because it clung to my tummy. Now I like it because it clings.

There are definitely days when my changing body is a little surreal and I do feel ungainly. But so far I've had a very positive body image during pregnancy. I've been fairly active, weight training twice a week, and going to pre-natal yoga, as well as for long walks around the neighborhood most days. That said, I don't love it when people say "Just you wait, you are going to get huge!" I kind of prefer to take it one day at a time.

On Monday I have a regular check up and need to remind myself to take a list of questions. I usually get so flustered worrying if we will find the baby's heartbeat that when we do, everything else in my brain sort of vanishes. But I'd like to start talking about childbirth education options, doulas, and my weight gain (or lack thereof.) I've heard that if you start out with a higher BMI, as I did, you don't need to have gained anything at this point but I'd love to know what to expect in the weeks and months to come.

Weight gain thus far: I am about breaking even now (the couple of pounds I dropped very early on in the first trimester are back, but I am still at my pre-pregnancy weight.) Which is weird because I'm certainly growing.

Cravings: Water, Fresh mango, rice and beans, guacamole, grapefruit, blood orange, yellow peppers, green grapes, ground beef, sunshine (and Diet Coke, oddly, though I'm steering clear of that one.) Fortunately the cravings for all things Haribo seem to have mostly subsided.

Aversions: Still not so excited by the thought of spinach, Brussels sprouts, or fresh salads. That sort of iron-y aftertaste seems off-putting. I have gotten over my aversion to coffee and am now having a medium latte made with skim most days (or tea.) Trying to keep the caffeine to one hit a day.

Symptoms: Well, I think I'm getting flutters on an almost daily basis. But I second guess myself a lot. I've also stopped the daily naps and now feel like I have the energy to stay up until a normal-ish hour. But this has been going on for almost a month now.

Sleep: Mastering sleeping on my left a bit better thanks to a pillow between my knees and a firmer pillow for my head.

17 Weeks

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15 Weeks

14 Weeks

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