Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The Nest

Sealface in action
We've lived in our current home for just over five years, just a few blocks from the Bedford Avenue L stop.

We is me, Will, and our cats Sealface and Dustskulker, who were rescued from various gutters across the city. Anyone who knows us knows that we discuss said cats far more than we should. Sealface, we imagine, speaks with a thick Polish accent, while we guess Dusty is Puerto Rican. They have a love-hate relationship with one another, and with us.

Yes, I color code our books. People ask me if this poses a problem in finding a particular book, but I seem to have a very visual memory and this hasn't posed too many issues.

So far, the flat has been a perfect fit. We have just enough space for four mammals, odd found objects, musical equipment, and so on.

For the first two years or so, we had a roommate living in our spare room, soon to be a little person's room. While the rest of our space feels fairly done, the guest room (not pictured...stay tuned) feels a bit left behind.

I have visions of a baby's room that feels like us, without being so aesthetically militant that our child requires years of expensive therapy to overcome his/her parent's narcissism. Ha. The poor kid doesn't stand a chance.

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