Tuesday, February 28, 2012


Violet's Room, via Apartment Therapy

We probably won't order a crib or any large pieces until much later this spring, in part because doing so will require lots of hauling, lifting, reorganizing and certain chaos in our apartment.

LayBabyLay.com via Decor Pad
That doesn't mean I haven't been eyeing up David Netto and Oeuf affairs at the coolster baby stores in Manhattan, and marveling at the phenomenon that is the $1000 crib.

Don't get me wrong, I am a total sucker for these lovely pieces. But I was checking out Giggle's wares the other day and came across this Jenny Lind crib and changing table, which I think are really sweet (and cheap to boot.)

Jenny Lind Changing Table
Simple and old-fashioned, they are now totally up to date in terms of safety, and they remind me of the nursery at Will's parent's house in Maine. Plus, between sleeping in a bassinet and becoming a toddler, aren't the short ones only in their cribs for like 8 months?

I think they deserve points for not trying too hard.

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  1. Ikea's Gulliver crib is cute, safe and only $99, allowing you to spend your money on all sorts of cute decorations. It's a great deal!



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