Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Big Plans Afoot

February Resolutions
I'm trying not to be too hard on my pregnant self.

By that I mean I try not to envy those pregnant ladies on a spin bike who are also preparing for motherhood by sewing felt birds for Etsy-worthy mobiles/learning Swedish/baking organic something or others.

I refuse to beat myself up for not pickling everything in sight.

But occasionally I find myself falling into a mid-winter rut and feel as though I may be giving myself a little too much slack.

By slack, I mean, say, spending my day in a messy apartment, alternating between naps, baths, and Dance Moms reruns.

Whenever I get a little directionless, I make a list.

I realize that between now and August I may not visit Tanzania, perfect the art of pastry-making, or complete a half marathon. But I am trying to set a few goals, both practical and pleasurable, to shake myself out of a few bad habits.

For one, I'd like to continue my ongoing quest to take advantage of the city. It's been a pretty mild winter, but it's still easy to stick to a several block radius. Some days that's fine, but I'd like to get over some of my local-itis this spring.

I've never been to Ellis Island, for one. I probably only go to Central Park once or twice a year, usually when we have guests in town. I'd like to go to the Frick and the Rubin Museum, and to listen to more music while I'm puttering around at home instead of putting on CNN in the background and worrying about the plight of the world. I'd like to try to get a few more recipes into my usual rotation. To read more, listen to NPR, and waste less time scanning celebrity websites for utter nonsense.

In the mean time, gotta go watch Ellen. Um.

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  1. You posted your blog as a response to my post on the bump, so I checked it out. LOVE your style and I thought I'd comment here bc I am going through the same ish. The amount of things I want to be doing right now is huge. The amount of things I have actually been doing has been zip. I hope we both find some kick soon. Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy!


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