Tuesday, February 14, 2012


Peonies at the Georges V, Paris, 2010
This Valentine's Day is not likely to include Champagne or chocolate (primarily because Will made an insanely good flourless chocolate cake this weekend, using chocolate chips from Mast Brothers, and we've been ODing on it ever since.)

Instead, we're thinking of going to Roberta's for some of their very excellent brick-oven pizza and, er, some lemonade. Home by 10, no doubt.

This, incidentally (with the addition of plenty of wine) was how we celebrated Valentine's Day two years ago, after Will googled "Is it cheesy to propose on Valentine's Day?" and decided that it was, in fact, cheesy. He delayed for three weeks and we had a mellow night instead. Last year, we drank Champagne, ordered Vietnamese food, and watched Let The Right One In. Not big prix fixe, foam tasting menu kind of people.

I hope you guys will have some vino on my behalf, however.
Istanbul, 2011 (Have some for me...)

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