Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Wild Horses

Southampton, 2010
I am not sure what a baby's first movements feel like, but on Saturday, while watching Louis C.K. do his bit about ponies, I was laughing hysterically and I suddenly felt my stomach drop, the way it does on a roller coaster. It was such a weird sensation, but I'm getting used to weird sensations and I didn't think much of it, except to note that it felt like a welling up or a strange kind of energy.

Of course, my hormones being totally out of whack, I laughed so hard about the pony tragedy that I started crying. It was something to do with the roller coaster sensation plus C.K.'s story, which was kind of sweet and sick at the same time. Little girl sees ponies for first time. Pony bites her. Hilarity/devastation ensues.

So suddenly I'm sobbing in the middle of this comedy routine and Will is looking on in amusement tinged with horror.

It was odd.

I didn't think too much of the sensation, but I just felt it again. And it's not quite like nausea or motion sickness. A weird welling up and dropping feeling.

Any mamas care to fill me in? Is this the baby or just my hormones run amok?

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